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What We Provide

By offering several programs, GINJA NINJA ATHLETICS gives you the tools to gain an advantage through specialized training. Learn more about your options below, and feel free to reach out with any questions.

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Boxing Conditioning

What You Need

Beat the stress of the day away! Increase your cardio and power with hard rounds of bag work & conditioning.

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A Perfect Fit

Show your body some love. Our aim is to increase range of motion, joint strength and injury prevention with a surprisingly challenging 30 minute class.

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Jump In

A blend of kickboxing, boxing and karate. Whether it’s to learn a new skill, or train to fight, this class will give you the training necessary to accomplish your goals.

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Cross Fit Class
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 Striking Fundamentals

Start the Right Way

The fundamentals are the most important building blocks of any skill you learn. This class will teach you to refine and master these techniques.

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HIIT & Circuit training

Break the Mold

An explosive 30 minute burn!! Get pushed to your limits with some High Intensity Interval Training or build conditioning with Circuit Training.

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Morning Movement

Awake Your Body

Starting your day with what your body needs. With a strong focus on Mobility, Muscle Activation and just enough conditioning to get the heart going, you’ll leave this class fresh and empowered to take on the day.

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